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Social etiquette 101:

When someone pays you a compliment, it’s generally nice to give one back… Or say thank you in the least.

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Ok, so I figured that perhaps not everyone is aware that this is available to use now, especially the younger folk out there.

This is OraQuick, and it is an FDA-Approved, in-home HIV test that provides results in about 20 minutes. I’m not sure about the availabilty of this product (or similar ones) in other countries, but in the U.S. you can purchase these at Walgreens for a mere 35 bucks, and you can even have them delivered to your door for complete anonymity.

Reading the results is easy. One line you are negative, two lines you are positive.


Why is this important? Well I know for a fact that a lot of guys say they are HIV negative without really getting tested, or they base that on some really old test result. There is no excuse now. You can get this in the mail if you want, and know for sure in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Its good peace of mind. And if you meet someone new and you are planning on playing around, its an easy and cheap thing to do to know where you guys stand. It builds trust right off the bat. Being safe is not just about wearing a condom. Its a combination of many things like trust, knowing the person, closeness, and being a good judge of character. Now on top of that you can keep up with your HIV status on a regular basis. :)

This is important for people to know, I never knew it existed

This is how my boyfriend and I tested before we started bareback in together after being with each other for 3 months. It’s super easy.

I know that it’s scary, believe me, I don’t practice risky behaviors and my anxiety was through the roof. It’s so important though you guys.

They even give you a non-descript bag to dispose of everything in.

I’m glad this is going around. :) Spread the word.

not sure if these exist in Italy. I know that we have free medical exams especially with STD, but not everyone goes to hospitals/similar places, not everybody wants to wait one week just to know if they’re “”infected”“… in fact in these days I’m reading news about the spread of HIV and AIDS infections in cities like Milan, Rome and ect.

Easy and fast tests like OraQuick can really help, I think, to stop or at least reduce this spread. 

Hmm good to know lol

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"i cant sleep"



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People wait
all week for friday,
all year for summer,
all life for happiness.
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glad that tumblr has started putting random ppls posts on my dashboard, love it, thanks for this exciting new feature, definitely want to see posts from people i dont follow, thats why i didnt follow them

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